From the hores mouth. Natural and healthy products for horses.

This section is created for English speaking customers who need help to understand the basics of soybean oils for horses (clear and with garlic extract or mead extract) and vinegars for horses (mead vinegar or apple vinegar).

Soybean oils for horses

Unrefined soybean oil provides the basis for healthy horse breeding. It results in an accelerated weight gain without much workload of the liver as in the case of cooking oils (rapeseed, sunflower, rice oil for humans).

Additionally, it binds the dust in the forage reducing at the same time irritation of the respiratory tract.

Unrefined soybean oil is an oil with a balanced content of omega-3 and omega-6 acids. It also contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the muscle building processes. Feeding the horses on soybean oil considerably reduces consumption of compound feeding stuff, ensuring high energy efficiency, or significantly increases energy efficiency of the applied feeding stuff, providing at the same time energy that does not translate into stimulation of the horse, but into weight gain.

The horses should be fed on unprocessed unrefined soybean oil usually every second day. Oil added to the feeding stuff prevents dusting, which is essential considering the present-day ”epidemic of allergy in horses”.

The preparations have full specification in terms of animal nutrition. They are safe and efficient. They comply with the Regulation on feed additives EC 1831/2003 and with the Regulation of the European Commission No. 68/2014 on feed additives and substances permitted for use in animal nutrition. Veterinary no: PL1213013P. We focus on natural preparations.

Soybean oil + garlic extract

Soybean oil with garlic extract is a natural fly, horsefly and mosquito repellent. It contains alliin acid. This oil has antiviral and deworming properties. Furthermore, it improves the taste of compound feeding stuff, which is eagerly eaten by the horses. The feeding cycle is as follows: 40ml a day for two weeks and two weeks off. While feeding the horse on oil with garlic, application of any other oils is not recommended. The soybean oil with garlic does not contain any substances prohibited by the Jockey Club or FEI.

Soybean oil + mead extract

This oil is rich in linoleic acid responsible for healthy looking skin and hair. It has a positive impact on the entire length of the horsehair starting from the very roots, adding a healthy look and resilience. What is more, the oil adds flavour to compound feeding stuff and it enhances well-being of the animals. It has beneficial influence on the heart thanks to the richness of vitamins and essential fatty acids. The oil is an excellent source of energy and vitality for horses after much effort. The feeding cycle is as follows: 40ml a day for two weeks and two weeks off. We do not recommend it if the horses are fed on any other oils. The oil does not contain any substances prohibited by the Jockey Club or FEI.

Vinegars for horses

Vinegar is ideal for joints and for improving the physical condition of the horses. It helps detoxify the organism, increase the efficiency of the respiratory system and reduce the side effects of drugs, antibiotics and other chemical substances. A vinegar detoxifies the entire organism and strengthens it by mobilizing its natural potential for regeneration.

Vinegar detoxifies the entire organism and strengthens it by mobilizing its natural potential to build the muscles, strengthens the bones and improves skin condition. It is recommended for rheumatoid arthritis.

Vinegar is also an ideal product for horsehair care (1:10 vinegar and water solution needs to be applied directly to the hair). It scares off the insects, cleans and disinfects the horsehair.

We recommend adding vinegar directly to the feed stuff or drinking water (50 ml of apple or mead vinegar per one liter of water). It does not contain any substances prohibited by the Jockey Club or FEI.

Activity of vinegars:

  • they act similarly to probiotics, i.e.;
  • they change the environment of the alimentary tract into healthy intestinal flora;
  • they have antibacterial effect on pathogens;
  • preventing unhealthy, undesirable fermentation in the horse’s alimentary tract;
  • they improve metabolism and eliminate harmful products of metabolism;
  • they also improve digestion and assimilation of the feeding stuff;
  • they kill E.coli bacteria;
  • they stimulate production of acids in the intestines;
  • they improve digestive processes;
  • they reduce blood pressure;
  • they help prevent muscle contraction;
  • they prevent untypical diarrhoea;
  • they disinfect drinking water;
  • they strengthen the horsehair;
  • they are ideal after antibiotic treatments

Mead vinegar

This is the only solution of this kind available on the market. The vinegar is a natural acidifier and thanks to the richness of vitamins it is irreplaceable when dealing with many diseases. It acts as a probiotic. It reduces blood pressure, stimulates intestinal function and is an excellent disinfection agent. It has a positive effect on regeneration of the organism after effort. It contributes to muscle regeneration and eliminates rheumatoid arthritis. Vinegar detoxifies the organism and is recommended after antibiotic treatment. It improves the metabolism. Vinegar is an ideal natural medicine product responsible for healthy horse breeding. For centuries it has been recommended by all horse lovers all over the world. The product can be used all year round, 3 times a week in a daily ration of 50 ml. The apple vinegar and mead vinegar (made of mead) are natural acidifiers, the most safe and healthy ones for horses.

Apple vinegar

Similarly to mead vinegar (available at our different auctions) it is a natural acidifier. It is a disinfection agent. It kills bacteria, including E.coli bacteria. Apple vinegar is a perfect preparation for eczema. It has strong antibacterial effect. It eliminates stress. It lowers blood pressure. Furthermore it improves intestinal function. When applied externally, it scares off the insects. This vinegar prevents horsehair parasites from developing and it washes dirt out of the horsehair (do not use it in winter time as it washes the natural sebum). The vinegar disinfects drinking water. It is also ideal for disinfection of boxes, watering troughs, feeding buckets, etc. It has a wide range of applications. The vinegar is an irreplaceable compound feeding stuff in your stable, designed for your horse. It is recommended by the breeders who care about the health of their favourites in every continent.

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